Who we are, behind the scenes

ContraClassics is run by a small group of passionate people. Our board and advisors include players, experts and lovers of classical music, and our product team is as driven as they are talented.

Board of Directors

  • Øivin Fjeldstad, Chairman
  • Stephan Barratt-Due
  • Peter Biddulph
  • Øystein Arthur Birkeland, Founder
  • Einar Harboe, Deputy member

Advisory Board

  • Rob Cowan, BBC Journalist and Broadcaster
  • Henning Kraggerud, Violinist
  • Arild Erikstad, NRK Journalist and Broadcaster
  • Andrew Hallifax, Producer and Sound Engineer

Product team

  • Øystein Birkeland, Managing director
  • Arne Fismen, Product lead (Nordaaker)
  • Jonas Feiring, Art director (Nordaaker)
  • Magnus Holm, Developer (Nordaaker)
  • Rune Botten, Developer (Nordaaker)
  • Rob Mientjes, Designer (Nordaaker)
  • Bente Fjeldstad, Web content manager
  • Runar Svendsen, Developer
  • Dan Biddulph, Design and consulting

Thanks to

  • Kai Bernau, the Lyon typeface
  • Jackson Cavanaugh, the Alright Sans typeface