Antonin Dvorak


String Quintet No.2 in G major Op. 77

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  1. The String Quintet No.2 in G major was originally composed in early March 1875 and first performed on March 18, 1876 in Prague at the concert of the Umělecká beseda. It is scored for two violins, viola, cello, and double bass. First marked as Op. 18, it was later slightly revised in 1888 as opus 77. It has since been assigned the Burghauser number 49. Dvořák entered the piece in a competition and was awarded 5 ducats for the composition. The work bears the competition’s motto, “To my Nation,” as its dedication.

    Although the original work was scored in five movements, Dvořák later withdrew the second movement, entitled “Intermezzo,” due to concerns that having two slow movements made the work too lengthy. This extracted movement was later reworked and republished as the Nocturne for Strings in B major, Op. 40 (B. 47). Some modern ensembles choose to restore the intermezzo when performing the work.

    The work was published in 1888 by Simrock, not under its original opus number 18, but as Opus 77.