Synne Skouen


Une soirée d’été… Meditation sur Marguerite D.

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  1. “Une soirée d’été…”, subtitled “Meditation sur Marguerite D.”,
    was composed on commission for the Oslo Chamber Music Festival in 1991, when I was
    engaged as the festival’s official composer. The title comes from the very first line of an
    odd little book written by French author Marguerite Duras. The debut performance of the
    violin solo was planned for just such “a summer evening”, and I was, and continue to
    be, intrigued by Duras’s ability to create visual images. Some people say that listening to
    the radio inspires us to imagine the best pictures, but I think that reading Duras is even
    more inspiring!
    There is not much else to say about my little musical work. It was written for violinist Arve
    Tellefsen – one could say that the music and the musician met each other half-way.
    Now, so many years later, I am pleased and amazed to hear how Geir Inge Lotsberg has
    managed to make this same music his own.

    Synne Skouen