Jorge Andrés Bosso


DUO lll "Dolcissime vite nostre..." for violin and double bass

1 recording

  1. This duo is composed in 2012 and it is based on the fourth madrigal from the fifth Book by Carlo Gesualdo.

    Dolcissima mia vita,
    A che tardate la bramata aita?
    Credete forse che’l bel foco ond’ardo
    Sia per finir perché torcete’l guardo?
    Ahi, non fia mai, ché brama il mio desire
    O d’amarti, o morire.

    Sweetest life,
    Why do you withhold the relief which I long for?
    Perhaps you think that my burning desire will end,
    Because you turn away whenever I see you?
    Alas, this cannot be,
    I must either love you or die